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Learn about the flexibility and power of Solid Edge. These Solid Edge videos feature customer success stories, 3D CAD demos, and highlights of Solid Edge functionality that helps you design better. solid_edge_what_is_boxer_3d_works

Solid Edge Design

Sheet Metal

See a demonstration of Solid Edge straight break sheet metal capabilities used to design a safety guard on heavy equipment.

solid_edge_what_is_boxer_3d_works Pipe and Tube Routing

Learn more about the pipe and tubing functionality in Solid Edge.

Standard and Catalog Parts

Learn how to use Solid Edge for efficient sourcing of “off-the-shelf” motors, clamps, etc., and optimize in-house designs for standardization.

solid_edge_what_is_boxer_3d_works Complex Shapes

Learn about Solid Edge capabilities for designing stylized products.

Design Mobility

Design better – from anywhere – when you run full Solid Edge 3D design sessions on the Microsoft Surface Pro.

solid_edge_what_is_boxer_3d_works Sheet Metal Enclosures

See how you can leverage synchronous technology in sheet metal design to develop models faster using fewer commands, make changes in real-time, edit supplier data, and take designs to production with flat patterns and automatic drawings.

Electrical Routing

Learn about Solid Edge Wire Harness Design, which is a dedicated, process driven environment for the efficient creation, routing and organization of wires, cables and bundles in a Solid Edge assembly.

solid_edge_what_is_boxer_3d_works Visualization

Create amazing photorealistic images and animations of your product designs using industry-leading KeyShot rendering, built right into Solid Edge, for enhanced communication of concept.


Solid Edge Synchronous Technology

Editing Imported 3D Data

See how you can import and edit data, regardless of the source, with ease.

solid_edge_what_is_boxer_3d_works Multi-part Editing

Edit multiple parts quickly, easily and without errors – all at one time.

Unexpected Design Changes

Synchronous technology can help you make design change freely and effortlessly, without impacting project delivery timescales.

solid_edge_what_is_boxer_3d_works 3D Detail Re-use

Learn how to re-use design details to save time and effort, using Solid Edge with synchronous technology. Also see how you can build a library of your design details to choose from, for maximum efficiency.


Solid Edge Simulation

Solid Edge Design Optimization

Learn how to use Solid Edge to automatically optimize a design and minimize parameters, such as material mass or deflection.

solid_edge_what_is_boxer_3d_works Solid Edge Design Simulation

Simulate designs involving steady-state heat transfer with Solid Edge.


Solid Edge Manufacturing

CAM Express

CAM Express is a modular, flexible configuration of numerical control (NC) programming solutions that allows you to maximize the value of your investments in the latest, most efficient and most capable machine tools.

solid_edge_what_is_boxer_3d_works CAMWorks for Solid Edge

CAMWorks for Solid Edge is a fully integrated, embedded CAM program in Solid Edge. It is the only feature-based CAM product that leverages synchronous technology.


Solid Edge Data Management

Streamlined Design Management

Watch a short demonstration about how Solid Edge SP helps you streamline your design management.

solid_edge_what_is_boxer_3d_works Solid Edge and Teamcenter

See a demonstration of the Solid Edge Embedded Client – the integration between Teamcenter and Solid Edge.


Solid Edge Customer Successes

Theebo Tech

Theebo Tech, the manufacturer of Equalizer agricultural equipment, becomes more innovative and successful thanks to the use of Solid Edge and Solid Edge SP (Solid Edge for SharePoint®).

solid_edge_what_is_boxer_3d_works Reading Bakery

Solid Edge CAD software with Insight design management gives baking equipment manufacturer a 63 percent efficiency advantage – and that’s just the beginning.

Ten Kate Racing

Solid Edge helps Ten Kate Racing quickly explore design options, share information and speed up manufacturing.

solid_edge_what_is_boxer_3d_works Stöckli Swiss Sports

Swiss ski manufacturer Stöckli uses Solid Edge technology to save time and money in the development of their handcrafted skis.